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Cumulo Carcharhinus (WIP)

Decided to get a new largeish oil on the go. Something that I can potter at for a while. I’ve revisited one of the paintings I did for the 28 Skies Later project back in 2014, but I’m trying to bring a bit of the freedom of the abstracts in – be a bit less smooth and controlled. Still a way to go, but I’m happy with the start.

cumulo Carcharhinus WIP030416


Sorrow – WIP #2

So, warm up out the way I returned to a piece I’d abandoned late last year. Sorrow is an oil landscape on a black primer, as opposed to the usual white. This gives a lovely inky depth to the colours. Still loads to do on this of course.

Sorrow - WIP #2

Again, unable to ever make anything simple I’ve been working from source photography from the Peak District on this one but it was a lovely sunny day, which means I’m having to completely recreate the lighting conditions. Talk about making life difficult….




The Love Supreme project #5

The Love Supreme project has developed quite a bit, and I realised I hadn’t posted an update. I got discouraged with it so it sat for quite a while untouched. This weekend I decided it needed some major work.


I am tempted to say it’s finished, but I’m also intriged to see where it goes next. There is a feeling that it’s broken away from the original concept and become its own thing, which is good but also a shame because the concept was interesting. The last thing I want to do though is force it down a path so the title and theme of this piece may well change if I develop it further.


Two Roads (provisional title)

I started a new landscape in oils. It wasn’t going well so I mixed all the blue of the sky and the green of the land together, and just carved the composition out of it all with a rag. Worked quite well actually.

Two roads WIP #1

A couple of hours’ work turns this rough into something vaguely recognisable:

Two Roads WIP #2

Still some more work to do – particularly in the sky – the top left corner is what happens you get impatient with oils and try to glaze over paint which is still wet…


Small cloud study #2 – Peak District (WIP)

Another wee cloudscape. This one’s a work in progress, because it’s been built up using thinner layers which have to dry in between. With oils this means waiting hours, ideally days, as opposed to with acrylics where it means 15 minutes, or two with a well aimed hair-dryer.

small cloudscape 2 WIP


Small cloud study #1

Small Cloudscape #1

It’s not often I paint anything small enough to scan in on my A4 scanner, but this one is. I think I going to experiment with some glaze work on top of this next week, and if it works well there may be a destiny for a series of these little skyscapes….


Canadian Fall (*very* WIP)

Canadian Fall WIP


Oil beach – work in progress #2

Oil beach WIP


Beachscape WIP

Beachscape WIP

First oil landscape coming along. Liking the clouds but they’re hard work to build up in layers. Being able to dab at the edges with a rag ages after painting them and still have the paint come away is great though – oil really gives you time to play.


A Love Supreme – layer three

A Love Supreme 3

3 plays; 102 minutes.

Been a while since I worked on this which I think might have contributed to a more powerful reaction this time. All crimsons and ultramarine. Starting to get some layering which is what I hoped for.

Many more still to go!