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Drawing eight – lump sanguine

I love lump sanguine. There’s nothing quite like drawing with rock 🙂

day eight


Drawing seven

day seven small


Drawing five

2B Pencil. I always struggle with soft pencil – too soft to be precise but too hard to be expressive (like charcoal)… Good to play with the balance though.

day five


Drawings two, three and four

Sticking with the same dried flower head, moving to fine markers. Drawing two is a quick study in 0.3mm marker.
day two

Drawing three looks more closely at how the petals/leaves grow cyclically. It’s easy to think they’re concentric rings but they’re three

Drawing four – just focusing on the stem in detail; how it grows in segments and how the outer bark has split.

day four


28 Drawings Later 2017 – Day One

After a year of throwing paint at canvases in a fairly expressionistic kind of way, I feel like getting back to basics is in order, so for this year’s February drawing challenge that’s my theme : back to basics. I don’t know where it’s going, and you’ll probably see some disasters that wouldn’t normally see the light of day this month, but anyway, here’s day one.

day one


28 Drawings Later

As some of you know I take part in the 28 Drawings Later Challenge every February. Well, I didn’t last year what with all my art stuff being in storage but this year there’s no stopping me! It’s a great opportunity for existing artists to get some practice in, work on something new, try a series…. and an even better opportunity for those who don’t regularly create art to have a go at it in a great supportive environment with loads of others at all levels of ability. If it seems like I’m pushing this, I am. Partly because I’m one of the administrators, but mostly because it’s great fun and I’ve met loads of brilliant people through it.

So, if you fancy joining in, head on over to the Facebook page and sign up!


(Picture by Victoria Evans – who started the whole thing back in 2012)


Life Drawing 2/4/13

Life drawing from tonight. Not sure about the hand – might re-draw that later.

Life Drawing - 2/4/13


A hand and a leg

What you do with twenty minutes left over at the end of life drawing class.

Hand and Leg


Catching up : Marks

Since we’re on life drawings, here’s one from the downtime. Normally when a model has tattoos I avoid them, but this drawing wasn’t coming together until I tried putting them in and it kind of made the whole thing work. After all, you don’t get that degree of ink if it’s not part of who you are.

Making Marks
Marks (2012) – charcoal on paper


Life? Don’t Talk To Me About Life…

Life drawing – charcoal.

Life? Don't Talk To Me About Life...