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For some reason this week I have become the target of dozens of spam user registrations every day. It’s either that or I’ve all of a sudden become incredibly popular with people with strange (yet barely plausible) names. For this reason I have disabled user registrations until I can get a better security user registration plugin.

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Drawing eight – lump sanguine

I love lump sanguine. There’s nothing quite like drawing with rock 🙂

day eight


Drawing seven

day seven small


Drawing five

2B Pencil. I always struggle with soft pencil – too soft to be precise but too hard to be expressive (like charcoal)… Good to play with the balance though.

day five


Drawings two, three and four

Sticking with the same dried flower head, moving to fine markers. Drawing two is a quick study in 0.3mm marker.
day two

Drawing three looks more closely at how the petals/leaves grow cyclically. It’s easy to think they’re concentric rings but they’re three

Drawing four – just focusing on the stem in detail; how it grows in segments and how the outer bark has split.

day four


28 Drawings Later 2017 – Day One

After a year of throwing paint at canvases in a fairly expressionistic kind of way, I feel like getting back to basics is in order, so for this year’s February drawing challenge that’s my theme : back to basics. I don’t know where it’s going, and you’ll probably see some disasters that wouldn’t normally see the light of day this month, but anyway, here’s day one.

day one