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Sorrow – WIP #2

So, warm up out the way I returned to a piece I’d abandoned late last year. Sorrow is an oil landscape on a black primer, as opposed to the usual white. This gives a lovely inky depth to the colours. Still loads to do on this of course.

Sorrow - WIP #2

Again, unable to ever make anything simple I’ve been working from source photography from the Peak District on this one but it was a lovely sunny day, which means I’m having to completely recreate the lighting conditions. Talk about making life difficult….




The Gold It’s In The…

After a long time away from oils (mostly due to the [REDACTED] project) I decided to break myself back in with a warm up. And since I’m not capable of making life simple for myself, I also decided to do my first oil abstract. In the past I’ve always kept oils for landscapes, with my weapon of choice for abstracts remaining acrylics.

There must be something about oils that want to be landscapes though because it turned into this.

The Gold It's In The....


Life Drawing 2/4/13

Life drawing from tonight. Not sure about the hand – might re-draw that later.

Life Drawing - 2/4/13