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28 Drawings Later – 2012


The February Drawing-a-day challenge that was born last year is back, with an extra day and a physical exhibition!


Artist Victoria Evans invites you to help create the biggest, most inclusive drawing exhibition, both on and offline, ever to be mounted in the UK

Victoria Evans gave up a career in television drama to become a visual artist. In February 2011 she made a public commitment online to create one drawing per day during the month of February. She named her artistic endeavour 28 Drawings Later. Her February drawing challenge was conceived to help improve her own skills but as the online community around her engaged with the project and wanted to join in too, Victoria found the sense of community around drawing and art was just as important as her creative progress. The result was an evolving, month-long, participatory online gallery which encouraged everyone, artists and non-artists alike, to see what might happen if they made time to draw every day for a month.

This year, with sponsorship from Millers Creativity Shop and Aye-Aye Books as well as some clever, creative use of Facebook, Victoria is opening 28 Drawings Later to an even wider audience. Participants in the inclusive arts project will share their daily drawings with the 28 Drawings Later Facebook profile page and receive feedback and comments from other members of the community. Dedicated drawers will even be able to win prizes as reward for their contributions. Victoria urges everyone, to take part: “From stickmen characters to intricate sketches, regardless of style or ability, I believe anyone can learn to express themselves through drawing once they stop worrying about making mistakes and ‘getting it right’”.

In celebration of the 2012 leap year, 28 Drawings Later will culminate in a week long, offline exhibition of work at The Old Hairdressers in Glasgow City Centre. Anyone who successfully completes the online challenge will be invited to exhibit their work.

To take part, just ‘like’ the 28 Drawings Later Facebook page and begin drawing on 1 February!

Click the links for press release and flyer and hope to see your work in February!


If it’s good enough for David Hockney…

I have an iPad on trial at the moment, so thought I try some doodles on it.

ipad pic