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The Sky Blue project

I love skies and I have dozens of photos from many trips over the years. I have painted from these a few times in the past but I wanted to scale down to be able to experiment with the oil paints a bit and try and complete a piece in one sitting, or if not, only have to return to the work for a shorter time to tidy things up and perhaps apply a glaze. So for the ‘Sky Blue’ project, I kept the size to 6-8 inches in any direction (most were rectangular but there are a couple of square ones) – this also kept my reaction fresh each time.

All of the images are from my own photos. I did try doing one from a book but it didn’t work out, which led me to believe that the key to these is to keep them my own response; right from the point of producing and selecting source material.

Look out for more Sky Blues in 2012!

Sky Blue #1

Sky Blue #1 : Newborough, Scotland – February 2009

Sky Blue #2

Sky Blue #2 : Castleton, The Peak District, England – July 2009

Sky Blue #3

Sky Blue #3 : Loch Sunart, Scotland – August 2011

Sky Blue #4

Sky Blue #4 : Tasman Sea, from Bruce Bay, New Zealand – April 2004

Sky Blue #5

Sky Blue #5 : Loch Fyne, Inverary, Scotland – November 2010


Sky Blue #6 : Wellington, New Zealnd – June 2005

Sky Blue - #1-6

Sky Blues #1-6


Christmas 2011 – The Neigehog

This year’s (slightly surreal) Christmas card design:

xmas2011 - The neigehog


Reject Christmas card (with marshmallows)

I try to design a Christmas card each year. It can be a fairly traumatic experience and normally the first couple of ideas get dumped. Just occasionally one gets quite far on before being abandoned, as was the case with this one.

Rejected Christmas card design