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Drawings twenty-five to twenty-eight

OK, I missed another one – drawing twenty-four – but I bring the whole 28 Drawings Later project to a close with this catch up from the weekend.

Drawing twenty-five – Olive Branch

Drawing 25 - Olive branch

Drawing twenty-six – Death of a Sharpie

This did, in fact, kill a Sharpie.

Drawing 26 - Death of a Sharpie

Drawing twenty-seven – Through the Woods

I often doodle trees with strange creepers and flowers… No doubt psychologists would have a field day…

Drawing 27 - Through the Woods

And finally….

Drawing twenty-eight – Firegoose

I was looking for something to do for the last day and noticed the kangaroo motif on my didgeridoo, and tried to do something in a similar style. Not sure I managed but I liked the continuous lines.

Drawing 28 - Firegoose

Hooray! Hope you’ve enjoyed my 28 Drawings Later – it’s been fun!


Drawing twenty-three – Loch Fyne WIP #3

Drawing 23 - Loch Fyne WIP #3

Spot the ‘secret weapon’!


Drawing twenty-two

Drawing 22


Drawing twenty-one – Scribbler rose

Some folks on the 28 Drawings Later facebook page have been using this web thingy : to make fun drawings so I thought I’d have a go.

Drawing 21 - Scribbler rose


Drawing twenty – The Love Supreme project – layer two

A second 34 minutes on the Love Supreme project. Some nice new rhythmic devices coming in. I got rather taken in by the bass solo at the end of part 3 which is where the verticals came from.

Drawing 20 - The Love Supreme project - layer 2


Drawing nineteen – Mercury cast II

Another (and final sadly) week on this. An interesting technique I will almost certainly use again.

Drawing 19 - Mercury cast II


Drawings sixteen to eighteen

Got a bit behind this week, so three daily doodles for the price of one!

Drawing sixteen – tree doodle

Any similarity between this and the Conservative party logo is unintentional and deeply regretted.

Drawing sixteen - tree doodle

Drawing seventeen – Karma Chameleon

Drawing 17 - Karma Chameleon

Drawing eighteen – Germania doodle

On the theme of bad five-minute copies of art I have around my desk, this time a bit of Johann Friedrich Overbeck’s ‘Italia und Germania’.

Drawing 18 - Germania doodle


Drawing fifteen – Loch Fyne Landscape (WIP #3)

Drawing fifteen - Loch Fyne Landscape (WIP #3)


Drawing fourteen – For Suzanne

Drawing fourteen - For Suzanne


Drawing thirteen – A Love Supreme layer one (WIP)

A new abstract based on John Coltrane’s Love Supreme. It will be many layers, each based on one 34 minute play of the album. This is the first.

Day thirteen - The Love Supreme Project layer1