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28 Drawings Later

Some of you might remember the original project that spawned this blog, Every Day Art, in which I attempted to do and post something creative every day for a year. It failed, but did produce a lot of work, and was a lot of fun.

Inspired by the annual writers’ challenge NaNoWriMo (into which a number of my friends disappear once a year) there’s now 28 Drawings Later, a Facebook campaign headed up by artist Victoria Evans, whose work is really rather splendid. And large. Anyway, the idea is a drawing a day for the month of February which seems much more achievable than a whole year.

I’ll be posting my 28 drawings up here with the tag 28DrawingsLater, not necessarily on the day but as close as I can manage.


Kaikoura – open are the double doors of the horizon; unlocked are its bolts

Kaikoura (open are the double doors of the horizon; unlocked are its bolts)

Since this painting is in so many ways 2010 to me, it’s appropriate that it finishes on December 31st 2010. The subtitle is from Philip Glass’ Akhnaten, which was playing for most of the time I worked on this piece and I’m sure started to influence it, as did my trip to Canada and time spent with the work of Lawren Harris in the AGO. I’m not sure there will ever be a time when there’s not something to change or add but it’s been a learning piece and sometimes you have to walk away with the lessons under the arm and put them into practice.

2011 is on the horizon; and the doors are wide open. Happy new year everyone!