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Manifestos (beating them to it)

A wee bit of fun 🙂

Manifesto (beating them to it)


A new beginning

This started off as trying to do something Monet-esque with some warm greens and some yellow and red highlights. Not quite sure where it wandered off but I’m not averse to where it’s wandering.

25/4/10 - untitled


Glen Garry by Ethel Walker

Stumbled upon an exhibition catalogue in a box of papers of this artist’s work and it’s just stunning. Her landscapes capture exactly what I’m trying to do but with so much more subtlety, control and atmosphere…. Just beautiful.


More of her work can be seen here.


More Standing in Silence visuals

You may have noticed I’m slightly besotted with this piece of music and how artists are interpreting it visually – I posted an animation accompanying part of it a while back, and now they’re putting a live concert together in Wellington and have commissioned film to go along with it. Completely different interpretation, but just as mesmerising. I have to make something fom this music….

SiS_Sequence_2 from gareth moon on Vimeo.


Landsacpe Sketches #3

Getting a bit Cezanne and Rennie Mackintosh here.

Landscape Sketches #4


Landscape sketches #2

A slightly more finished sketch. Taken from a painting in a book, the name of which escapes me at the moment. If anyone recognises it, please let me know 😉

Landscape Sketches #3


Landscape sketches #1

A few sketches from my landscape painting course.

Landscape Sketches #1

Landscape Sketches #2


Website updates

Version 4 of the website just went live.

A few new pieces up – Oxygene, Equinoxe and Magnetic Fields – and a few streamlining tweaks. Most notably you’ll notice the illustration section is gone (!)  Panic not, this will be coming back soon on a site all of its very own.

As ever, feedback and comments welcome!



Henry Moore study

A drawing done from one of Henry Moore’s sculptures in elm at his retrospective currently at Tate Britain.

Henry Moore Study

In charcoal, sanguine and white conte.


Odyssey Art Show

The Sentinel Too, Arubaluba, Moonlight and Gold, Red Rain, Oxygene, Equinoxe and Magnetic Fields on display at the Odyssey art show, Easter 2010. A great fun and extremely successful show. Thanks to everyone who came and saw my work.

Odyssey 2010 art show #1

Odyssey 2010 art show #2