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Life Drawing Weekend – part two

A couple more sketches from the life drawing weekend. A little less abstract these ones :

Figure Sketch 23/1/10 #4

Figure Sketch 23/1/10 #3


Life Drawing Weekend

Had a weekend life drawing at Maryhill Art School. So much stuff from two days, I’ll put a few favourite sketches up here I think.

First, a couple of quite abstract ones I liked :

Figure Sketch 23/1/10 #2

Figure Sketch 23/1/10 #1


Rest And Be Thankful

Project RBT is finished! Well, I’d like to think that Rest and Be Thankful is a subject I’ll come back to a good few times since it’s a place so special to me, but my first proper attempt at painting it is done, and I’m fairly happy. It certainly beats my previous lanscapes I think so that’s a win.

Rest and Be Thankful

For comparison, this is the photo I worked from mostly. I used others for specific reference points and did my usual throwing the colours out the window, but this was the compositional inspiration:

Rest and Be Thankful - square

Hope you like it!


Project RBT – wip #4

Some more work on the overall depth (bit in the background, bit in the foreground, some glazes in the sky and middle mountain…), but mostly I worked on the sky today. I reckon the cloud formations are pretty key to capturing the weather conditions and that was the main thing.

Yup, my cloud obsession strikes again…

Project RBT - WIP #4

This might be finished actually. I’m mulling over titles just now.

(WIP #3 never made it by the way)


Project RBT – wip 2

More layering on top of the underpainting from yesterday, and also a general cooling of the image. I don’t imagine landscapes will ever be my thing but it’s a fun exercise from time to time.

Project RBT - WIP #2


Project RBT – wip #1

Start of a landscape based on some photos taken at Rest and Be Thankfull just before Christmas.

Project RBT - wip 1


Rhian Sheehan – Standing in Silence

Probably the piece of music that I’ve most wanted to paint in 2009. A couple of short sections from Rhian Sheehan’s Standing in Silence with beautiful visuals too.