Neil McChrystal Art

Artist and Illustrator


The Sentinel Too – finished!

A little bit of touch up on the ‘figures’ to make them a little less puppet-like and finaally a glaze of The Secret Weapon – Kroma’s miraculous transparent red oxide – to just pull the whole thing together.

The Sentinel Too - finished!

I’m as happy with that as I’m ever going to be with a copy of something I did earlier.


The Sentinel Too (almost there)

A few more details and touch ups and we’re done.

The Sentinel Too (almost there)

And the “original” for reference:

The Sentinel

Personally, I think there are things that are better in the original, and things that are better in the sequel…. Such is life I suppose.


The Sentinel Too – base layer

The base coat for The Sentinel Too is done. The foreground goes in over the weekend.

Sentinel Too - base

Now a bit of an oddity. I admit, I sometimes tweak the photos on here using Corel photo paint, but only to try and get the colours as close to the real canvas as possible. With this one, I clicked ‘auto-adjust’ just to see what the software reckoned it should look like…. Cosmic!!

Sentinel Too - base adjusted


Big and Ochre – sunset

Starting to pull an actual painting out of this now. Getting all fiery and sunsetty – with a little inspiration from Turner’s Sun Setting Over a Lake…..

Big and Ochre - the next stage


Big and Ochre (WIP #5)

Decided the edinburgh castle thing was just detracting from the point of this, which was sandy colours and a jarring motif in the middle, so I blotted it out.

It’s all taking on quite a Turner-y look now – I’m not sure if this has a decent painting in it or not at the moment. Time will tell I suppose….

Big and Ochre - continued