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This is a really bad photo. I’ve tried a few times but it’s either too dark or the flash reflects back off the black in the centre. I need natural light and it’ll be the weekend before I have any of that, so this might appear again in a better pic.

30/10 Nightwater (really bad photo)


Photo – driving rain

Taken from the car (I wasn’t driving!) on the way back from Moulin at the weekend. I hope to get a painting out of this as it seems to contain a lot of the things I want to capture in paint. Watch this space….

20/10 - rain photo (source)


Rose Gas (WIP)

15/10 Rose Gas (WIP)


Monday linky – The Apotheosis of James I

I wanted to put this up yesterday and forgot. The great news that after a successful campaign by Tate and the Art Fund, Rubens’ sketch for The Apotheosis of James I will now stay in Tate Britain, where it’s been on display for the duration of the campaign. Go take a look at it if you can – it really is amazing.


“Tubular Belle”

See what I did there? Huh?

10/10 "Tubular Belle"


Gesture Drawings

The pencil reflects the flash terribly. Another reason to use charcoal 😉

9/10 Gesture Drawings


The Painting is Back!

Untitled green