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Sunday Linky : Le Bassin Aux Nympheas

Is it impressionist or expressionist? Who cares. Sadly this clip of the Monet masterpiece nobody’s seen for 80 years has some stuck up expert from Christies but I guess they do have more than a slight vested interest in it at the moment.



Here at

towers, I have upgraded to Firefox 3.0, which whilst is definitely faster and apparently more secure yadda yadda yadda, does appear to have some issues with LJ, most notably uploading and linking to pictures. I raised this with the LJ support people but there’s no timescale for fixing the bug so I’ll be moving the image element of

to a Flickr account, and linking to them there.

This may take a wee while, seeing as how I don’t even have a Flickr account yet. Thanks for your apparently unending patience.



This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.


Monday Linky – Superlambanana

Sunday Monday Linky this week is Superlambanana. My favourite piece of public art is multiplying to celebrate my home city being European City of Culture, but with the shocking news that the original might be heading back to Japan, or worse – to Manchester….

BBC News item


Cake art

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A sketchbook page. Featuring some ideas for a new logo which has to feature a TinTin style rocket and a chinese style dragon. It apparently also includes a black-faced insectoid sheep and what is probably best described as a French pudding in a kilt.


Shameless plug

The website has had a bit of an overhaul, with a couple of new ones in the portfolio section and some new pieces in the exhibitions and sales section. Hope you like them.

I’ve also sacrificed a lot of the blurb (It was pretty cringeworthy anyway) and made the exhibitions page a bit more obvious as apparently a few people hadn’t realised there was stuff for sale, which isn’t good.


Work in Progress

It has sea and clouds in. All other bets are off.


Sunday Linky : Beryl Cook

This week’s linky is to Beryl Cook, who sadly died suddenly last week. Her portraits of ordinary women partying and enjoying life in a way that every woman (and indeed a fairly decent section of the male population) can surely identify with in her fluid, bounding fun style brought this self taught artist well deserved love and success.