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Coming to a canvas near you soon…

Been having a look through some cloud photos for ideas. I like clouds.


Mountains Turned Into Clouds – day three

You know, every so often I do something that reminds me why I paint. I am actually pleased with this. I think that might mean it’s finished.

Mountains Turned Into Clouds (2008)

Acrylic on Canvas – 24″ x 30″


WIP – Mountains Turned Into Clouds

The title’s from a track on Steve Hackett’s version of A Midsummer Night’s Dream which I happened to be listening to this afternoon.

An annoying bit of flash bouncing off the sky there, but still loving the new camera.


WIP – Mountains


Satellite 2 logo : Just Add Moon


Colour : Satellite 2 Lander

As promised:


Sketch : Satellite 2 logo

The logo for

is probably going to be digitally assembled, which means I’ll paint the moon and the lander and then superimpose them on top of one another, then on a black background in the computer. It works because the whole lot gets vectored beforehand so there’s no scaling issues.

This the the pencil/pen base for the lander. I will try and get the painted version up tonight as well. If it dries before I go to bed.


Oddity : Bark

What happens when you put charcoal over acrylic paint? This apparently.


Sunday Linky : A Humument

My first contact with Tom Phillips’ Humument was on a gallery visit to Edinburgh last November (I wrote about it here)  Now, thanks to

, you can see the entire work online as an appropriately eccentric slideshow. I heatily recommend it.


A couple more remasters


Left – Forbidden City
Right – Alien Music Festival