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WIP – Bringer of War

I’ve started Mars and Mercury but Mercury‘s pretty much just a blue/grey canvas so far. Mars at least has some sort of idea where it’s going.


Bonus – Work in Progress

Some proper work-in-progress later, but in the meantime…


Exhibition prep

Just sorting out which drawing’s going into this year’s class exhibition. Reckon this one’s going in – I don’t think I’ve posted it here before…


embarks on a new journey – as I start five days full time painting… Watch this space!


Another Monoprint

There’s some nice texture in this one that isn’t really clear from the scan sadly.


And now for something completely different

It’s a monoprint. It’s fun and messy.


Monday Naked Person

It’s Monday, so it’ll be a naked person again.


Sunday Linky : Dinosaur School

This made me smile today.



The Making of Rush Hour

If anyone’s interested, I’ve tagged up all the Rush Hour images so you can see the progress.

Just click here to see the ups and downs.


Finished (or is it?)

I like my new fan brush. Very much.


Blast From The Past – Gargoyles

Hectic social life means no proper

update today I’m afraid, but I just got round to checking the scans of Gargoyles out for the Eastercon prints and they’re looking pretty good (i.e. way better than the scan I made and pieced together myself that’s up on the website) so thought I’d share that today.

Gargoyles – 2002
acrylic on mounting board